Launch Date Announcement: Home Dashboard and Kanban Board are launched on Monday, September 16

Launch Date Announcement: Home Dashboard and Kanban Board are launched on Monday, September 16

The launch date is approaching!

As you know we’re constantly on the move to improve our software. Before the summer we informed you about the latest developments in SpinOffice: a brand new Home Dashboard and a Kanban Board for Tasks. We’re convinced that these two new features will make it more easy to keep track of everything that’s happening with your account and your contacts.

Both screens are currently available in developer beta. This basically means that users who have subscribed as early adopters and companies that engage in development activity are able to actively test the new features.

And now, the time has finally come. On Monday, September 16, we launch the new stuff for you. On that exact day you will receive a request to log in again and then both new features are live!


SpinOffice Dashboard Kanban Board
Home Dashboard Kanban Board
The Home Dashboard includes a set of widgets such as your latest contacts, your most recent emails, current or upcoming tasks, all your next appointments and daily or weekly time registration. In the near future more relevant widgets will be added.

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One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your tasks is with a simple three step process. Listing tasks as “to-do”, “doing” or “done” provides a very quick and clear way of evaluating your workload now and into the near future. It really helps you getting things done!

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Home Dashboard becomes the main screen in your SpinOffice account. It displays a quick overview of your most critical information. It allows you to present your data, gain a new perspective on your business, and share information with your team. The Kanban Board replaces the current Task list and includes a variety of new functionalities.

16 SeptemberSoon your SpinOffice experience will really get much better. For now, please be patient. You will hear from us on Monday, September 16.

In the meantime, contact us if you have any questions.