Mulberry Garden has chosen to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to host the application servers that are needed to run SpinOffice CRM. All client databases, email messages and files are securely saved and managed on AWS.

The data center that we use is located within the EU and our network is a private network to whom nobody else has access. There are many great reasons why to use AWS and we would love to explain a few of them:

On AWS, we created a private network. Our databases are encrypted by a company key and any file that is stored in SpinOffice in stored encrypted.

Our virtual private network spans over two AWS data centers within one availability zone. This allows us to host our servers it two separate data centers. Via a load balancer the system will choose where to direct the traffic based on availability and resources. Our SQL database is also spread between these two data centers and replicates automatically. In case of a problem in one data center, the other one will pickup the load and users can continue to work. For storing files, we use AWS S3 which provides 99,99% availability. We also use versioning allowing us to recover files when needed.

Scalable and high-performance
AWS allows us to auto-scale in order to meet the growing needs of our users. When traffic on our servers increases, we automatically start up another version of our server in order to help with the traffic. When traffic reduces again, the extra server is automatically terminated. Using these advanced options of AWS, we can provide consistently high performance to our users.

Using all the advanced options of AWS allows us to work cost efficient. Servers are turned on when needed and turned off when not needed. This is not only good for optimal cost efficiency but also helps save the environment.

Customers can expect that Mulberry Garden will continue to deliver the same secure, trusted, reliable and available cloud computing services to customers, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Currently, we run over 4500 client databases on AWS. All databases are encrypted using a unique client ID.

We are very happy with today’s exciting news. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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