As you know we are constantly on the move to improve our software. Your SpinOffice experience is about to get much better with a restyled calendar.

A few months ago we have launched the Home Dashboard and the Kanban Board for Tasks. Both features are making it easier to keep track of everything that is happening with your account and contacts.

Now it is time to activate your newly restyled Calendar, and is already available after you log in to your account. In addition to the new style and options that it already has, the calendar has something new. We included a widget on the right with all of your current tasks which can be very useful!

Have we piqued your interest? Log into your account now and check out the new stuff! You don’t have an account? Register here again.


About our development framework


The SpinOffice application has several core elements such as modules, fields, tables, and other foundational components. For the development of the core elements of our SpinOffice application, we use Laravel framework. Using Laravel gives our developers the power to code flexibly and take care of dynamic development requirements.

Currently, the following modules have been developed in Laravel and are available in the software:

  • Home Dashboard
  • Kanban Board (for Tasks)
  • Calendar
  • Email editor

We are hard at work developing new modules in Laravel that will be available for you to use soon, and include a new Contacts screen and Email template builder. We will let you know very soon when we have them ready for you to use.


For now, we hope you and your family are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions.