The beginning of 'the new SpinOffice' is approaching. Soon first available: the Task Kanban Board.

The beginning of 'the new SpinOffice' is approaching. Soon first available: the Task Kanban Board.

SpinOffice CRM is about to undergo a gradual transformation. What do we mean by this? That both visually at the front and the framework with which the application is built on the background will change. You will not notice this in the short term, but we will gradually introduce new windows.

Because as you know, the software consists of a number of important components that we have all given separate windows / tabs. Namely the relationship section, the inbox, the calendar, the folder list and the task list. This structure will not change but the windows are visually updated, it becomes more user-friendly, more intuitive and it works smoother than the current style as you are used to.

What do we start with?

Somewhere around the summer we will launch the Kanban Board as first. This window will replace the existing task list that you have now. The new Kanban Board is a so-called scrum board. A scrum board is a useful tool to make the tasks visible in a scrum framework during a project or process. Tasks go from to do, to doing to done.

The Task Kanban Board in SpinOffice is a whiteboard that is divided into four columns:

  • Repetitive: these are tasks without a date; you just have to do them one day;
  • Upcoming: tasks to be performed tomorrow or within 7 days;
  • Current: tasks to be performed today;
  • Finished: these are all tasks that you have successfully finished.

Task Kanban Board

Well-arranged and motivating
Drag tasks from column to adjust the status of a task. It is visually very clear which tasks have already been completed and what you still have to do. This is very well-arranged and motivating! The ultimate goal is of course to complete all tasks within one sprint. All your colleagues have access to your dashboard and thus also insight into the status of your tasks.

The Task Kanban Board also contains a very good search function. And you can adjust the layout of the dashboard as desired via the gear icon in the top right.

Get started with the Task Kanban Board!

At present, the new task Kanban Board window is ready to use for 99%. We really want it to work perfectly for you, so as we said, we have planned the launch around the summer period. If you want to use this new part with your company already, please let us know! We are happy to activate it for you.