On behalf of the team of SpinOffice I would like to wish you a healthy and successful 2019. For this year we have big plans for further development of our software. We will get back on this in the next newsletter later this month. For now we inform you about the following.

The familiar blue SpinOffice icon is changed to a green radar icon:
SpinOffice CRM

The idea is to reflect the change that SpinOffice is now less of a software suite, but more of a set of cloud-based services you use from a variety of devices. The new icon also fits seamlessly into the style that continue to roll out this year.

Where will you notice this??
The new icon will be displayed within Programs, as shortcut on your desktop screen and on the Mac Launchpad and Dock. In addition, the new icon is included in notifications within SpinOffice, on the login screen and on this website.

Already today or tomorrow when you log in again, depending on the local cache of your Mac / Windows PC.

As mentioned, we will report again soon. For now, if you have questions or comments, you can always contact us.