As you know, we are restyling SpinOffice step by step. For example, we recently launched the Home Dashboard, Kanban board and Calendar in a new style. This week, the restyled Inbox and ‘New email message’ screen will be launched within your database. Are you curious about the changes? We briefly discuss them with you.


In terms of functionality, the inbox has not changed much. The update mainly concerns a visual change, in line with the other parts of the application.

What’s new?

The top bar has become slightly larger and the way in which personal preferences are shown (under the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner) has been updated. For example, the color of the top bar can be adjusted from blue to gray and you can choose whether or not to show the sorting options (sort by Contact / Subject / Date). In addition, the search options are to now be found under personal preferences.

All other parts of the screen have remained the same


New Email Message

The email editor is something you use every day, so it is important that it works smoothly and intuitively. That is why the ‘New email message’ screen has not only been updated in style to make it look fresh and modern again, but this feature has also been improved.

New email in SpinOffice

What’s new?

In addition to the same visual adjustments as the Inbox (larger top bar and personal preferences), there are several changes:

  • The screen loads faster;
  • To and Subject fields have been made wider;
  • Cc and Bcc have been moved to the right and appear when you click on it;
  • Your own sender addresses have been moved to the top right;
  • Internal to Everyone is now possible;
  • Contact link and Folder link have been moved to Links;
  • New toolbar options have been added;
  • The spell check language depends on the language of the template;
  • The template selector has moved down;
  • Frequently used templates are shown at the top of the template list;
  • Priority and private marking have also been moved down;
  • Attachments are all shown at the bottom right;
  • Changing the attachment name is now possible via file properties ⌽


With the update of both screens to the new style, uniformity within the software increases further. We ask therefore to wait patiently, it is only a matter of time before we have adjusted everything and that you are completely used to the new layout!

The Template Builder will follow soon, followed by the important Contacts screen.

We will you informed when they are activated. If you have any questions about this update, please do not hesitate to contact us.