Your SpinOffice experience will get much better!

We’re making it more easy to keep track of everything that’s happening with your account and your contacts. Your new Home dashboard displays a quick overview of your most critical information. It allows you to present your data, gain a new perspective on your business, and share information with your team.

Your Home dashboard includes a set of widgets such as your latest contacts, your most recent emails, current tasks for today, upcoming appointments and daily or weekly time registration. You can arrange the widgets however you like via the gear icon in right top corner.

CRM dashboard

From a widget you can jump to the desired screen that you are used to from us. Soon we add new widgets that add value to manage your customer database.

Once you start to experiment with the Home dashboard, you’ll discover how powerful this tool really is.

Getting started!

You can’t just jump into using your Home dashboard. Why not? Because activating it now requires manual intervention from our side. But please contact us if you want to be an early adopter and to have it already activated.

Soon the brand new feature will be launched for all users (free Limited users and Pro customers) along with the Task Kanban Board, but for now we activate only on request.

We expect to launch the Home dashboard as standard feature in August 2019.

Are you interested in the possibilities of SpinOffice but you are not yet a user? Download our software (on your Windows PC or Mac) without any obligation and see if it basically meets your wishes. If you’re struggling how to set it all up, feel free to contact Hugo van der Horst (