Help making SpinOffice available in your own language!

Help making SpinOffice available in your own language!

Before the end of this month SpinOffice will launch a translation module in the application that will allow ‘ambassadors’ to translate all language items into their own mother language. How do you become an Ambassador? By letting us know you’d like to help with this ambitious translation project. In order to make this project an astounding success we need all our happy users all over the world to achieve that!

This is a big step towards global localization SpinOffice CRM, we expect this unique module will result in a multilingual application in no time! When all words have been translated, we are able to launch the additional language to all SpinOffice CRM users in a snap.

Ar you willing to help us?

You will get the formal ‘language-ambassador’ status in our system and will be able to update any translated text. When you agree with the Google-translation, you can just approve the word or sentence. There are about 1500 items that need to be verified and each month we might add a few additional words. We offer FREE SpinOffice Pro licenses to any ambassador. As an extra incentive, you will be the first to be informed about updates and changes to the program and we will value your input for future changes.

Please sent us a message when want be part of this project! Become an ambassadors and help us make SpinOffice available in your own language!